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Rural Social Scheme

The Rural Social Scheme (RSS) was launched by the Department of Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs (now Department of Community, Environment and Local Government)
in 2004 and is administered by Pobal.  


The aims of this scheme are 

To provide income support for farmers and fishermen
who are currently in receipt of long-term social welfare payments.

To provide certain services of benefit to rural communities
by harnessing the skills and talents available among low-income farmers and fishermen.

The RSS is managed at a local level, on the Department’s behalf, by the LEADER groups.
Responsibility for RSS in the non Gaeltacht Connemara area passed from Galway Rural Development Ltd. to Forum in January 2009.

There are 14 participants on the RSS in the Forum area,
engaged in a range of activities including 

  • Environmental work.
  • Social care work.
  • Maintenance and care taking of community buildings.
  • Repair and upkeep of sporting facilities.

Who is eligible to participate in RSS? 

The scheme is aimed, primarily, at farmers who are in receipt of long-term social welfare payments,
but the rules will admit low-income fishermen also.

Contact person: Geraldine Kelly 095 41064/087 9633253